Aftershock Summer 2016

It is time for the games to begin! With more weeklies taking part and a new ranking system in place, we are looking to make Aftershock Summer 2016 even better! Would you like to attend a qualifier?

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Melee Qualifiers

Melee Qualifiers

Smash 4 Qualifiers

Smash 4 Qualifiers


Where can I register and find more information?

What games are featured in Aftershock 2016?
Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

How do I participate in the circuit?
Simply attend one or more Aftershock Qualifier Events. Entering in these tournaments automatically puts you in the running for Aftershock Prizes!

How do I check my rank in the circuit?
Go to Versus ID, and search for your gamertag.

What kind of prizes am I competing for?
The top 16 placers of each game will receive an exclusive Aftershock 2016 themed controller, courtesy of MuffinBros and Battle Beaver Customs! This controller will ONLY be available to the top 16 players in each circuit! Additionally, the top 32 placers in the circuit will automatically make it out of Round 1 of pools at the Aftershock Circuit Finale.

When is the circuit finale?
We are still working on the finale to ensure it will be up to our world class standards. Stay tuned to Tourney Locator on social media to learn about the circuit as soon as more info is available!

Why isn't my local tournament listed as an Aftershock Qualifier?
Applications are still open for Aftershock Qualifiers! If you would like your tournament to become a qualifier, send an email to, and we will work with you!

For any other questions, please send an email to, or simply contact Tourney Locator on Facebook or Twitter. We are excited to see you competing in the circuit!