Even More Members!

Tourney Locator is always on the hunt for great talent within our community that we can help shine. With that being said, we are bringing on two new members to help with our production. We introduce our two new members, FX TLOC | Sethlon and TLOC | CTG!


alex "sethlon" maguire

A true competitor, Sethlon has been in the Smash scene since the early beginnings. Known for his Roy, Sethlon has been a top contender in Melee, Brawl, PM, and more recently Smash 4. He is joining TLOC as a commentator to bring more analysis to the table and help people understand Smash.


dillon "CTG" grandy

Also a fan of the entire Smash genre, CTG has a passion for Smash 64. As part of the community, he has climbed to 3rd in the DFW Smash 64 Power Rankings and has become a community leader to help the fledgling scene grow. Dillon will be brought on as a Tournament Organizer and Streamer to help with our weekly series of events.