Introducing: Weekly TLOC articles!

Hey guys! FX TLOC | Sethlon here, announcing that I'm going to be starting to do weekly articles for the TLOC website! I've been running this idea past our illustrious CEO for a while, now, and am glad to finally get it going!

So, what can you expect to see from these articles?


There are three general types of categories that I plan on writing;

  1. News articles, for lack of a flashier term. Expect to see talk on current going-ons in the various scenes for Smash, whether that be local occurrences, things affecting the Smash scene as a whole, or pre/post tournament discussions.

  2. Player spotlights. We have a lot of players here in DFW, and even though many of them have been around for a good while, not many of them have their histories and personal stories out there. Expect to get to know DFW's players better through these!

  3. Theory articles. For these ones, I plan on flexing my technical know-how a bit more. Expect to see stuff more in line with what a high level player and thinker might write for a more personal blog or other resource; less "Redbull eSports" and more "Playing to Win" or "Compete Complete". For any viewer who has seen any of my content on youtube channel, expect that sort of material!

That about wraps it up for the introduction. I'm looking forward to showing more love to all the different Smash scenes here in sure to check out the articles each Tuesday, including the one coming up later this afternoon!


Ideas? Thoughts? Comments? Feel free to drop Sethlon a line on his twitter; @S3thlon