Smash 4 $1K May: ZekEsports|Cosmos Maintains His Winning Streak

Last weekend saw record numbers at the Smash 4 TLOC 1k, players from all over the region coming out to compete, all of them with their sights set on the guaranteed $1,000 pot! The top 24 bracket was quite varied, with players from Dallas, Houston, Austin, Abilene, and even Oklahoma going head to head for the first place prize.

This season's Smash 4 $1K broke the record for entrants at an FX Game Exchange tournament with 136 entrants!

This season's Smash 4 $1K broke the record for entrants at an FX Game Exchange tournament with 136 entrants!

Even the road to get into the final bracket was grueling; with only four players making it out of each bracket pool of 24, some stronger players had to meet early on. DFW hidden talent SM|Kurry made it out on winner’s side, beating out Austin’s Hakii, who made it out through loser’s. YelloRello, one of Abilene’s finest, played against Oklahoma’s #4 power-ranked player Muse to see who would advance into bracket, and YelloRello ended up victorious. In another pool, it was MageofSymphonia’s turn, eliminating Dallas heavy hitter Gyo and earning his place in top 24.

     Preliminary bracket pools narrowed the participants down to a 24 person bracket, seen above.

The top 24 bracket was stock full of talent, and not everyone can fit at the top of the herd. FX|Dakpo had a relatively poor run, winning his set against one of Dallas' hidden bosses, SM|Army, but then losing to two of his training partners, TTN|Karna and myself, taking 9th place. Dakpo has maintained dominance in doubles, even after his break over the past couple of months – he has a near perfect record at the last few doubles events held at Shockwave, and won the doubles event at this 1k with Karna – but it looks like he might be needing some more time to get back into the swing of things, before his previous level of dominance in singles returns to what it used to be.

Karna placed somewhat uncharacteristically low, himself. 5th place is certainly nothing to scoff at, and a fine accomplishment, but if I was a betting man, he would have been one of the couple I would have put money on to take the tournament!  He defeated YelloRello and Dakpo on his way to winner’s semifinals, but then was put into loser’s by SWG|JaySon in a 3-1 set. In loser’s quarter finals, Karna squared off against Oklahoma's Johan. He kept up his standard level of pressure for the first half of the set and kept the percent lead for every game, but with a low percent suicide on game 2, an early spike from Johan on game 3, and then clutch plays with crucial down throw to up-air finishers, Johan walked away with the set.

Overall, Johan had a fantastic run, very indicative of someone ranked #1 in their state. Despite being knocked into loser’s in top 24 relatively early, round 2 vs Awestin, with powerful strings, good zoning, and great item play, Johan cleaved his way through the bracket, beating Jerm, Hakii, P2P with Gibus, SU|BC, and Karna, before finally succumbing in loser’s semi-finals vs AeroLink, taking 4th place.

(Fun fact of the day; whenever Robin discards his tomes after depleting their uses, he can pick them up and throw them like items. You can even bounce them off walls to hit an opponent! Uh, not that I've had that happen to me, or anything...)

                  Grand Finals of the May Smash 4 TLOC $1K; ZekEsports|Cosmos vs AeroLink!

Top three, interestingly enough, was an exact copy of the placings from the prior week’s Shockwave; SWG|JaySon at 3rd, AeroLink taking 2nd with his Bayonetta, and ZekEsports|Cosmos taking another 1st place. The difference between that Shockwave and this 1K, however, was in Cosmos’ level of dominance; whereas the sets at Shockwave were fairly close, this time Cosmos came through with a commanding 3-0 victory over JaySon in winner’s finals, and then a 3-1 victory over AeroLink in grand finals, not even being put into the loser’s bracket before claiming the first place prize! He isn’t one who travels much (if at all), so we haven’t been able to see how he fares against some of the other out of city players, but this tournament certainly cements the fact that ZekEsports|Cosmos is the leading force in the DFW Smash 4 scene!

I simply cannot wait to see how he fares at Low Tier City 4.


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