Countdown to Low Tier City 4

The days are rapidly counting down to this weekend, where one of the largest tournaments that DFW has ever seen is set to commence! Once again being held at Dallas local convention Let's Play Gaming Expo, Low Tier City 4 has an astounding 743 total entrants across the three games, and with a $1250 pot bonus to the singles tournament for each one, there are a ton of competitors lined up, and quite a lot on the line!


Project M

Low Tier City has a long standing history with Project M. After all, the very first LTC in 2013 was a Project M only tournament, at its time the largest PM only event at 64 entrants. The game has come a long way since then, and once again makes an appearance at Low Tier City 4! LTC looks to again be one of the largest Project M tournaments of the year with 233 entrants, just shy of Smash ‘N Splash 2’s 234.

And like before, the competition is going to be fierce. The winner of Smash N’ Splash 2 and Paragon 2015, MrLz, will be in attendance, along with LTC3 and Big Balc champion VGz | Junebug, another player in contention for current best among Project M’s elite. The list doesn’t stop there, though; tons of other top talent is coming out for the event, names such as NorCal’s Si S | ThunderzReign, Michigan’s GLS | Dirtboy, Selfless | Lucky, HyperFlame, Machiavelli, FS | Boiko, LiB | Ilovebagelz, DrinkingFood, and countless others! 

Strong Bad vs IPunchKids, Low Tier City 3

Strong Bad vs IPunchKids, Low Tier City 3

DFW itself has no shortage of power houses showing up as well, with players such as Strong Bad, Dakpo, Shokio, Luck, and other ones on the come up such as Captain Birdman, Apathy, Azer and Zeus making their first appearance at a national since Low Tier City 3. At the forefront of DFW’s mind, though, is FX | Lunchables. After his stellar performances locally and at Super Bit Wars 4, Big Balc, and last weekend’s Smash ‘N Splash 2, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Lunchables is a top level player...but so far he has come just shy of taking home 1st place at a Project M national. He’s no doubt going to be shooting for it again, and what better place to finally bring in the championship trophy than here in the heart of Texas?



Two of the Melee gods are once again set to square off; both C9 | Mango and Liquid | HungryBox are in attendance for Low Tier City 4! The last two times they’ve faced off, Mango has come out on top (at Dreamhack Austin and GOML)...will Mango be able to continue his winning streak, or will HBox be able to pull through for victory once more?

Outside of the two gods, however, there is still plenty of top level talent making a showing. While not a member of the Melee pantheon themselves, you can bet players like FX PG | Wobbles, COG | Wizzrobe, Selfless | Lucky, and Tai are going to be vying for those top placings. There’s also the rare treat of being able to see Mexico’s Javi coming out to compete!

Low Tier City 3; Wobbles vs M2k

Low Tier City 3; Wobbles vs M2k

Plenty of DFW’s players are making a showing, and it will be very interesting to see how they handle the national-level threats. FX | Albert especially is one of DFW’s heavier hitting players, ranked just below Wobbles himself, placing 9th place at last year’s Low Tier City. Old school players Dr Drew the Dragon and Bluezaft will be in attendance once more, along with Pit (a new resident Peach in DFW, recently moving in from Mexico), the newly-formed SWG crew (Bananas, Mouf, and Didact), FX’s players (Hamyojo and Waterlessfishie, in addition to the previously mentioned Albert and Wobbles), and other local players such as SFOP, Clouded, and more!

That’s not even mentioning the other non-DFW Texan residents that will be coming out to compete. With players like SU | Mojo, SU | Jake13, and UL | JF making the trip out, there will be lots of talent looking to take home that pot bonus!


Smash 4

In the world of Smash 4, one name is synonymous with competitive domination; TSM | ZeRo. With some of the most impressive win streaks ever seen in a modern day competitive eSport, ZeRo has long been a very large wall for the rest of the community to pass. Recently, however, ZeRo’s dominance has begun to wane, suffering loses over other top players such as Nairo, Ally, and Larry Lur. There’s no questioning the fact that he still has by far the best results of any other Smash 4 competitor, but the question still remains; will he be able to keep up with the tall order of his former dominance, or will another top level player begin to challenge his spot as undisputed best player in Smash for Wii U?

There are certainly players coming down for LTC4 that are up to the task. Liquid | Nairo himself will be entering, one of the few who can list a win over ZeRo. Panda Gaming players Esam and MVD with both be in the building, along with COG | Wizzrobe, Mexico’s Toon Link extraordinaire Hyuga, the legendary DKwill, and FHC TNN | MJG!

Low Tier City 3; ZeRo stops for a moment to sign for a fan

Low Tier City 3; ZeRo stops for a moment to sign for a fan

Texas itself has some established players as well that are no doubt looking for any cracks in the top competitors’ gameplay. Players like FX | Dakpo, Awestin, SU | BC, and Karna (newly sponsored by Muffin Bros). DFW Corrin player Cosmos has had a dominating hold over local tournaments, with few other players slowing him down and other top level players giving him respect for his matches online. Other local players have also had great games with top players, such as SWG | Jayson, who had a shout-out from Larry Lur after witnessing his play in person after Austin tournament CATI 3, and local Mewtwo player Mew^2, who had a dominating win over Mew2King at the latest Super Bit Wars! That’s still not mentioning other threats such as SWG | Gyo, P2p with Gibus, Iggy, Hylen, and YelloRellow.


With all the talent coming out, and all the local players looking to carve their own spot in the placings, Low Tier City 4 is looking like one of the greatest tournaments that DFW has ever seen. Don’t miss it!