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  • FX Game Exchange 3000 Custer Rd Plano, TX, 75075 United States (map)

Dehydrated Ichthyoid's Melee Extravaganza 15 Melee Singles & Doubles! Come join us for DFW's premiere Melee monthly!


10:00 am Arrive/ registration
11:00 pm Doubles begins
3:00 pm Singles begins
Schedule is tentative so feel free to contact me if you're worried about making singles or w/e; my phone number is at the bottom.

Set ups no longer needed! TVs and Wiis are now provided by FX Game Exchange.


Singles: $10
Teams: $5 per player, $10 per team
Venue: $5 per person




Neutral Stages:
Yoshi's Story
Final Destination
Dreamland 64
Fountain of Dreams (singles only)
Pokemon Stadium (doubles only)

Counter Picks:
Pokemon Stadium (singles)
Kongo Jungle 64 (doubles)

Items are off.
4 stocks, 8 minutes
Team attack is ON
Life stealing is allowed
Pause is OFF
Wobbling is legal.
Standard DSR (you may not counter pick a stage you have already won on in a set)
Coaching is not allowed during sets.
Stalling is banned (will elaborate if necessary).
1 stage ban in best of 3 set, no stage bans in best of 5 set.
Striking is 1-2-1
Neutral Start may be elected by a player.

Other Rules
1. The Tournament Organizer is the arbiter of all disputes.
2. BYOC (Bring your own controller): Players are expected to bring their own controller and be prepared for every tournament set.
3. DQ Rule: Arriving too late for a match will result in a DQ. Player(s) will have 5 minutes to show up before a loss of the first match. 5 more minutes results in a loss of the set. For doubles, both players on a team need to be present in order to play.
4. MikeHaze rule: No intentionally disrupting players, whether physically or vocally. This applies to EVERYONE, players and spectators. Simply talking to the players (and Hype moments) are exempt.
5. Dave's Stupid Rule: players cannot counterpick back to a stage that they have already won on in a set.
6. Textures are Cool Clause: We're usually pretty lenient with textures/custom music. You're welcome to bring your set up to the tournament with them, but please do not have any disruptive music, hard to see textures, or dramatically altered character models. If you have a problem with the set up you're playing on, notify the TO and we'll get it resolved ASAP.

Additional Notes: A lot of kids come through the venue on a Saturday. Don't yell curse words in the store (including rape). Show up on time. Take note; the Gentleman's Clause is no longer a thing. Stick to the ruleset. If you need to contact me cause you'll be late, my number is: 972-693-4339

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