Our Mission

Since Tourney Locator's (TLOC) culmination, we have been dedicated to improving and expanding the eSports community through a variety of measures. With every decision we make, we focus on beneficial impacts to community.  

What We've Achieved

  • We have established three successful weekly tournament series: Monday Night Melee, Shockwave, and Infinity and Beyond!
  • We have spotlighted three successful monthly tournament series: DIME, Denti's Bizarre Adventure, and Bowser's Revenge.
  • We have established two successful national tournament series: Aftershock and Low Tier City.
  • We grew a national level stream capable of bringing eSports to people in their living room.
  • We developed services to improve the community's streams and tournament experiences.
  • We created a tournament standard for other Tournament Organizers to follow by.