A New Challenger Approaches - June

Ah... the flowers are blooming, and with that, the coming of competition.  So, in grand fashion, we may as well introduce our newest Challenger Approaching!


who is esam?

Starting competitively in 2005, ESAM began his climb with Samus in Melee.  His first tournament was SACS, Smash at a Comic Shop, where he achieved 5th, despite most of Florida's best being in attendance.  He soon became one of South Florida's premiere melee players along with Xif, Lambchops, DaShizWiz, Sighrax, and Green Mario.

Once Brawl was released, ESAM quickly dropped Melee to gain stature in the new metagame as a Pikachu main.  Although starting off slow, after a year of determination, he became 8th on his local power rankings.

His real progression began in 2010 with the MLG series with an ending of 3rd place.  Afterwards, he placed top at most events he attended with Apex and SKTAR being most notable.  By the end of 2011, he was dual-maining Pikachu and Ice Climbers.

So where is he now?  He has made MIOM's Top 100 twice.  He mains Samus in Project M and Pikachu in Smash 4.  He will be flying to TLOC's central headquarters of Dallas, TX hoping to disrupt the metagame and prove his skill once again.

Tune in June 13th on twitch.tv/tourneylocator for DIME 15 and see how he does!